Purple & Gold Fund

The Purple & Gold Campaign is a yearly appeal to create pride and enthusiasm in WCUas well as raise unrestricted and restricted funds for West Chester University. WCU alumni and friends have much to be proud of!  WCU is one of the most competitive universities for admission in the northeast because of its accredited programs, experienced faculty and state-of-the-art facilities. 

Unrestricted gifts enable the University to distribute funds where they are most needed during a given year – this is especially vital as state funding of higher education continues to decline. 

The annual gifts of parents, alumni, students and friends bolster student aid and faculty retention, institutional research and numerous University initiatives. 

YOU Count!  WCU receives less than 20 percent of its annual operating budget from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Your tax dollars are no longer supporting WCU but your contributions can. 

Support the Purple & Gold Fund today!  Make a gift now! 

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